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Open Hockey and Stick Handling


Stick/Puck Handling: Open skate where you can practice your skills.

  • $15 per person
  • Open to all age and skill levels
  • Full equipment required for under 18 years old
  • Helmet required for 18 years and over
  • PUCKS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED - Pucks are available for purchase in the pro shop
  • GOALIES: All goalies must pay for stick/puck sessions
  • Discount passes are available for purchase



Heroes vs Villains

  • $20 for 90 minutes
  • Organized open hockey with goalies
  • 22 player maximum
  • (request only, fills on a first come first serve basis)
  • Goalies are free
  • Get added to the mailing list today!
  • Punch cards available today $150 for 10 skates!


Open Hockey

  • $15 per person
  • $12 for registered league members  (during the afternoon slots only)
  • Only for ages 18 and over
  • Goalies are free
  • Discount passes now available.

Buy 15 passes for only $150!
Contact Jim Rogers at 602-957-9966
***If pro shop employees have to approach you for payment the cost is $25 a player. Always sign in before each session